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Halloween fun

The gift bag for our daycare Halloween party.

This is my toddler group.

Painting Pumpkin time with my kids.

Crown molding in the kitchen

This is the kitchen before. I only painted to where the molding would go so you can see the jagged paint line.

The other side.

Our work area. I got the waterproof already painted not real wood stuff from Home Depot. It was $1.21 a foot and I liked that it didn't have to be painted. Cost a total of $127. We wasted a lot trying to figure out the cuts. We rented the nail gun and compressor from Home Depot for $62 and 2inch nails for $14 rental was for 24hrs. Total Kitchen crown molding done for $203

This is the garage door and laundry room area. We started at 11:00 and this was the first area to try out. At 12:45 he was done with this square. It was a lot of putting up and taking done.
This is how it got done. It took 5 hrs to do and 1 hour to clean up. My husband spent around 10 mins on each cut. He was thinking it through.

Then there was the edges that had to be capped off because it lead into a room we are not going to put up molding. The math in this is very hard so it ca…

More about Fall

A little more fall around the house.

These are the different Halloween art the kids have done over the years.

Our only tree turned red and the leaves are everywhere. I don't rake leaves. I like to see them all over the place.

We added a little to the front porch.

Doll house Book case

We got this doll house book case when I was pregnant with Gray. First I painted it a dark red, ivory and green.

Then we moved and I painted it white with a green roof. But it got so dirty with food and hand prints. Toys scratched it all up. So I thought I would paint it a color to hide the dirt.

So I painted it yellow which is a color I love but for some reason every room or thing I paint yellow turns out wrong. It just doesn't have the pop of color I wanted. So I will wait a year and I am sure it will need to be repainted again. I don't know what colors I will pick then.

The Love of French Provincial

How I love french provincial furniture painted and restored.

This dresser is the one who started my love affair with this furniture style.

This is my tv stand