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Family name tiles

My newest craft to make and sell. I just started selling them on my local craigslist and now we made a website for all my family signs and tiles. These are my first 2 ever. One is a white tile and the other is a tan.

It turns out that these are wanted for Christmas gifts so I now have an order for 5 more.

Sign makeover

A old shabby chic sign turned into a shine new blog themed sign.

I love the shape of this sign but I am not a shabby chic / detressed kind of people. I like shine and new looking. So I sanded and spray painted it a high gloss leather brown. I put vinyl on it with my blog name.

Thanksgiving front porch

My Giving Thanks front porch

Candle holder craft

Took $1 glass candle holders and $.69 scrapbook paper and and decided to make a pretty candle holder.

I cut it to fit each glass holder and added some gems that cost $3.99 that cost more than everything else I use to make this.

Kids room Art

My new sign for Landin. The wood is $3 from Hobby Lobby. The wood L $3 Hobby Lobby and the scrapbook paper I modpogged to it was $1. I bought a pack of 60 small wood letters Hobby Lobby $4 and the stickers for $2. The white and red paint I already had.
Total $13

Back Door

This was my back door. It just keeps getting dirty so I painted it.
I couldn't paint it black because nothing is black in my house but for my kitchen appliances. So I painted it chocolate kiss.

This is the picture without the flash.

And with a flash.


I was featured on Better After! I love that blog and I feel honored. Here is the link.

Dining room change

This is the dining room decor before. I was not happy about the plates.

So I got these candle holders.
I bought a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to size to fit inside the glass.
Here it is now. But I am thinking maybe I should paint them white but my husband says to leave them like this. What do you think?