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This is the entrance to my house. My Welcome wall decal. The below is the picture wall in the front room that we don't know what we are doing with just yet.

Family signs

This sign is my first for profit family sign.
I am so happy that people have something in their homes that I have made.

This family signs are for my sisters in laws. They are going to be gifts.

This Hargrave sign is the first black sign I have done.

I have made a few more family signs. I tried a shabby chic family sign for my house.
and a sign for a wedding cost $12.
This family sign with all members names on it cost $11 for the vinyl and $4 for wood.

My first attempt at making family signs. I got the wood for $3 at Micheals with a 40% off coupon and the lettering from an esty seller. I just bought 2in words for $9.50.
Then I made one for my house. I got the wood sign from the goodwill for $1.00. It was a families are forever sign until I painted it white with about 5 coats of paint. The used words from the Etsy seller for $10.50. I got the Wheeler in 3inchs and the other words in 2 ins. The word family needs to be a little more to the right. So this one will hav…

Mack's room

Macky's army fighter pilot room.

Tv cabinet/ dresser

This old french provincial dresser matches my other redo dresser so I bought it for $20 on craigslist. The top drawers couldn't be saved so we decided to make it the dresser the tv sits on and the top 2 draws will be shelves for dvd players and ps3.

So after sanding priming and painting it was read. The I got some wood from loews which I had them cut in halves. I painted them white and put them inside.
Then Lewis cut some trim and I painted them brown. He then used liquid nails to glue them together and put them in place.

New livingroom

This is the before pic of my living room with the sellers stuff in it.
This is the new living room with my stuff in it. I love my fireplace.
I think the chandelier makes the room.

Crafts for kids room

At Easter my kids were given a gift basket of Easter candies from a family friend. These woodland gummy candies were in that basket but they were so cute and the perfect colors for Gray's room. So I unwrapped them and put them on a paper plate to dry and harden. After a few days I put yellow construction paper inside the frame and glued the gummy candies on the glass of the frame. They look great and match her room perfectly. I don't know how long they will last but we shall see.

New House

So we have bought our first house!

Here is our new SC home. I have a lot of plans for this house that I have stolen from the lovely blogs that I follow.

New House- New reason to decorate.

I love a reason to decorate. So we have a new house and so now the first room to be done is Gray's bedroom. Her room in our old house was yellow. It started out with no theme.

But then I started to like birds and birdhouses and changed it a bit. I added a chandelier and some wall decals.But now the room she has was already painted a Gray color and I was feeling lazy and decided to keep it that color and now I am so glad I did because the color just makes the room pop.

I even bought a new crib from craigslist of course... But I wanted the Jenny Lind crib for the antique feel of it.
The bird mobile is from Etsy. I got it a year ago and it was the best purchase ever.
The birdhouse I repainted a few to bring in some yellow. I also added a few and some wooden birds I painted.
The owl and birds on this bookcase is there to hide the wires, mouse and keyboard that goes to the computer. The computer is used to play movies we have saved on our computer. Now at Easter we got these great gum…