The difference that molding makes

This is the final product. My new stairwell.

This is my sad looking stairwell. So I love molding more than anything and decided to make something bigggggg.

I had this frame cut from basic molding for $1.92 a foot. It is a 41 inch tall by 32 inch wide.

The DIY Show Off


Master bedroom

My favorite things in my bedroom is my 50% off mirror from Micheals and the chandelier. I got it from I am a hater of ceiling fans and this house had a lot of them I have to take down. When I say I, I mean I told Lewis to take them down.
The furniture which we restored.
The master bedroom is finally not being used to store unpacked boxes.

New dining room

We have been in this new house for 1 month now. The dining room is almost done. It is just missing 1 mirror on the left wall. Here is the before pic with the sellers stuff.Then with our stuff. I love the new light fixture.

New tree branch wall art

I had Lewis paint me another tree branch wall art but this time I went with a silver background and scrapbook flowers.
Now selling Art like this at our website.

Goodwill Mirror finds

I lucked up with finding 2 great mirrors at Goodwill for $8 a piece.After painting them both white, one of them found a home in my bathroom above the tub. The other one is still with out a home.

My first furniture redo

This was the first dresser I bought off craigslist for $30 and redid.