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Replacing Pantry door

Well when we bought this house 4 months ago the pantry door had a hole in it. So I wanted to get a pretty door for the pantry.

I didn't realize that a door can be the same size but hung differently. So the door didn't have the hinges in the same place as the old door. so we had to pull out the door frame and replace it also. It messed up my painted wall.Now I have to sand down the painted peeled off area.
All Done!!!!!

Plate wall

The wall on the right is my blank wall which I decided to do a plate wall.

This is it all finished.

I got the plates from Old Time Pottery for under $2 each it cost around $14 and the plate hangers from Target for $2 a piece. Total cost $16. Project cost $30 and I already had the wicker chargers.

Mirror change up

This was my daughters mirror but she likes to bang it against the wall. That is not good for my wall so I wanted the mirror out of it to affix it to the wall and add some trim. After taking out the mirror the frame had a nice white board. So I then added handles and made it into a tea tray.

Then using leftover trim from our kitchen we put the mirror on the wall and she can't take it off.

This is her favorite little corner.

kid crafts- name bow holder

Name hair bow holder for a friend.

$3.00 Hobby Lobby letter, $.97 craft paint, Letters from AC Moore $1, Roses were free they came off an Easter gift last year.

What does my 2 yr old do when I am being crafty. She pulls out the markers and draws all over herself.

My House Tour

Our Home.

Our front hall entry.

Dining Room.

This is the before with seller's stuff.
Then with our stuff.
Nine months later we made a bigger change in the dining room.

The kitchen.

This is the before we moved in.

The after. We still need a new stove but mostly done.

Sitting Room

This is the front sitting room which we don't know what we will do with it until Christmas and then we will put our tree in here. Our stuff when we first moved in.
We got tired of the green and changed it to Mercer Blue by Eddie Bauer.

The room had no light so we had to make one. I will paint the black chairs white one day. I hate to paint.

Half Bath.
This is the before.

Bathroom makeover. Paint color Hotel St Francis Spirit Blue Valspar.
Lowered crown molding 12inches and replaced all brass to chrome. I love chrome. Lewis built the mirror frame from trim.