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Spray paint Goodwill finds

A few spray paint changes.

Book shelf holder $1 Goodwill. Painted blue.

$2.50 for Sleigh at Goodwill. Painted and added some vinyl.
Mirror candle holder $1 Goodwill only added vinyl.

$2 key from Goodwill. Just painted.

Now for my dining room. See these candle holders that almost disappear against the wall.
Here is a close up. I wanted to paint them a popping color like blue.

But I don't think that really worked out to well so I went for the brown.

Ok they don't pop but you can at least see them now.

Changing trim color

We changed out some of our trim to chocolate brown. We have already painted the back door brown and the stair rail and landing rail get very dirty so I wanted them painted a dark color.
This is how it looked before. Look at the stair area.

Then the stair well. Before
Now we just have a ton of more work to do this this stair well like put up chair rail and paint lower half white then add molding square. Then we have to rip up carpet and paint stair treads and put hardwood down on the lower landing.


The things I collect. I love skeleton Keys, door knobs, and W ( for our last name).
I can't decide if I have to many or not. So let look around my house and see them.

The W's

well if I can find some more key holes I will get a few more of them also.

Door Knobs

Skeleton Keys

kids name plaque

This is how I work. Very messy in the dining room. I took an old sign with a quote I didn't like but I liked the shape of the sign so I sanded and spray painted. The spray paint turned out bad because I was using a light pink and the green from the old sign was coming thru. So I got a sample watermelon color from Lowes for just $2.84. It is the best way to go if you don't need much paint. After putting on the vinyl I glued on these purple rhinestones on the flowers of the letters. I got a pack of scrapbook flowers and glued them on and added the purple rhinestones to them also.

New Name plaque for my niece. This is her nic name not her real name.

I also made one for my younger niece.