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Dining Room Makeover !

This is our new Mercer Blue by Ralph Lauren dining room.
We started off with a nice tan dining room but I am falling in love with blue so one more blue room but a different shade .I wanted the room to pop and not be so traditional and stiff.

Step one was to pick out the paint color which I said was Mercer Blue by Ralph Lauren $26 for one gallon.
I decided to paint the door way arch area white instead of blue. I was hoping it would give the doorway a larger grander look.
I picked a tile design to have my husband make out of vinyl. Here is the practice layout.
Here is lewis putting up the vinyl. The trick is we measured from the chair rail to the point on the bottom on the design. On the second one we measured from the top of the first one. Then each row measure from the bottom and the side from one another.

This did take a few hours but we have 2 kids always running around us. So someone else might be quicker. We used 35 vinyl designs in all.
Then we added the table cloth for $10 fr…

Picture wall

Our living room before. But our sitting room is being turned into an office so I had to move the photo wall to this wall.

I think it looks warmer in this room.

Ugly candle holders

A Good deal on something ugly. People always pass up something they want because it is in the wrong color but for just $2 a piece I don't care about the color. I can change the color.

A few hours later and they fit in great with my dining room.

Fun tool stuff

Lowes had Husky 8 draw tool box for only $159. So I had to get one for all my supplies. I was using a dresser but my toddler keep getting into all my stuff. But this rolls nicely into the hall closet.

And my husband made some vinyl labels for me.

Front door change

Our newly painted door with vinyl.
Before with the red paint about 10 years old.

It was chipping and fading plus the shutters are all black so I thought black would be better for the door.
So 2 coats of paint for outdoor.
My husband made the vinyl because I love everything to be personalized.

The door all finished.
Now with the shutters.