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Little changes

We decided to change out all the light switch plates in our house. We used a fancier white in the living room and hall way but in the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms we used chrome.
Here is the before.

and the afterWe added a little to our fireplace. Sorry no before pic.
And our floor candles sticks needed a bit of chrome.

I painted some copper looking skeleton keys chromo.

Foyer changes

We decide to add doors to our sitting room off from the foyer. So we make a few changes to the area. This was looking at our door with the iron decor above it but I am a chrome kinda girl so I got some spray paint an changed it.

Now after the silver metallic spray paint. Our foyer and hall way before.

Our paint color is Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe from Lowes. We changed out our welcome vinyl.
This was the sitting room before the doors were added.

The view from the dining room.

First guy put up the doors which only cost $168 from 84 Lumber. But this guy thought he was done so we called in another guy.
They put up drywall, paint the door and trim plus installed and painted the other 3 doors we did downstairs to so all the doors matched. We did have the 6 panel doors.
We painted the walls back to our color.

Then I need some art work to go over the door. I knew I wanted a 4ft long piece of pine from Lowes $5 cut into 4 equal parts. I painted then a rustic red. We sell a lot of vinyl …

Seashell Wreath

Well I have a beach seashell themed half bath downstairs. So when I saw a blog on making a seashell wreath I had to make one. I got a big bag of shells for $10 at walmart and 2 small bags for $3 a piece at walmart. I had a lot left over so I really didn't need that many. Bought the wreath and a white ribbon at the dollar store. Total cost $18. Here is the link to tell you how to make it

I went for more color then the blog above had used for her wreath. I still plan do make another one that is all white but for this room I wanted the sand color and the pop of green shells.
I wish I would have counted how many I used. I also thought the shells would be to heavey to hot glue on to a wreath but it held up just fine.

Here is the other wall in this half bath.
Well I still have so many shells left over I made an all white wreath.

Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentines day I made a rose tree and a heart tree.

I bought 8 containers of soap roses from the dollar store and a foam tree. Total cost $9.
I hot glued the roses around the tree.

The berry branches I got from Hobby Lobby for $1 a pieace so $8 plus also at Hobby lobby a package of heart ornaments for $1.99 total $10