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Standard tub into a build in tub (faux that is)

This is a story of how and why our bath tub went from regular to build in looking in 3 hrs and $70. Here is the before and after shots of the tub. We just did a bathroom makeover and everything went from 12 year old brass faucets to chrome.

Well, the problem is the tub. I did not want to replace the when it is a very nice tub. I also didn't want them to rip it out to put the faucet on and charge me $300 for doing it. When the shower was ripped out we tried to put the faucet on then by cutting through the wall that is between the tub and the shower. But you can't get your hand under the faucet because of the curve of the tub. We then tried going to every plumbing supply store in SC to find what is called a trim kit. So we could just use the same plumbing but change out the handles and spout. But they laugh at us. It is to old and no match can me found. Well then there is only one thing left to do.
CUT A HOLE. My plan was to have Lewis cut a whole in the side and cha…