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Birthday Prep

For the Carnival Birthday party I took a white beverage  tub and put some vinyl diamond shapes on it  and made this birthday sign.

I use a dollar store glass vase and put  chevron vinyl around it.

Then made the centerpieces. Using Popcorn buckets, gumballs, and suckers

My husband cut out a Carnival font  shaded one out of plywood. Below is it painted and finished

Keeping Shabbat

Shabbat starts 18 mins before the sun goes down.  Why 18 mins? Because you need to light the candles before Shabbat starts.  We do not do Shabbat as Orthodox Jews.  We will still turn lights off and on, use the car, and possible spend money.
The first Shabbat we made a nice dinner and had everything ready in time.  Then the kids were angry and didn't want to eat so it sucked.  The next one we did it rushed then the kids left for the weekend. Every week we are getting better.
We do not work for sure.  We will have a meal and light the candles, the kids will come to the table for the candles and challah bread but then we let them leave.  We feed then ahead of time so we can eat and take our time without them crying to leave the table.
We play games with the kids or do craft projects ( which I am sure is breaking the rules on what you are allowed to do but we have to do it our way).  We read the Kids Torah and talk about it with the kids.

So each week it gets easier to give up the h…

Balloons on a string

The plan was to copy this oh so easy  looking balloons on a string.   I used fishing wire and a large sewing needle.  Mine didn't make a perfect line so I pushed them together and hung it on the wall.  Now to put on the wall.  I tied a knot on the end, leaving enough room to put a nail head  through it.  Then tighten the knot.  Hammer nail head in the wall.  Then I taped the wire near the nail just to make sure it stayed put.  A lot of tape.

Core beliefs check list

Step 1 
The first thing I did was see what beliefs Judaism has and how it differs from Christianity,
I need to know if there was beliefs I would be happy following or if it was just went against my core beliefs.  I have very set values and it takes a lot to change them.  I ask my husband if he thought he could give up Jesus, Christmas, Easter and maybe a few other things may have to change.  He didn't care either way. I was a little surprised he didn't feel a struggle with the holidays at least.  Or the fact that we would be different from everyone else.  At this point I didn't know if he was going to go down this road with me.

I googled why do Jews not believe in Jesus.  From that I learned what the messiah in the Bible was suppose to do and Jesus didn't do those things.

  Christians say he will in the second coming but G-d didn't s…

Finding Our way to Judaism

Finding our way to Judaism. We are still on our road so more post to come-

I have always loved all things Jewish.  At Christmas I use blue and silver decor because I love Hanukkah colors.  I had told my husband many times I wish we were Jewish. Because I love tradition and the ceremony of it.  I only thought someone could convert if they married into Judaism.

But this is not how I made the decision to check in to Judaism.
Unlike a lot of people who find G-d in a religion usually they stories start with pain or addition and end with finding Jesus.  From what I have read so far most stories of why people become Jewish is for Love.  Either for the love of a Jewish person lead them to it or the love of the cultural.  Mine was to give my kids a religious identity that I believed in and felt was the truth.  I was not at the lowest point of my life but at the best.  My life was very good. Which wasn't always the case but I had healed myself and was happy and healthy.    
But I knew I neede…

Fall is Here and a new decor for the new season

I have a buffet set up for Halloween

Made these vases with glass candle  sticks from the dollar store.  Then a  dollar store vase sitting on top of  the candle stick.  Filled with dollar  store candy.Then added my vinyl letters.

My tree for all seasons.  I got this little tree  at Pier 1.  I will use it year round.  I put apples  on it last month for Back to School and Rosh Hashanah 

Fall Fireplace

I have a lot of holiday photos that I bring out every season.  I love seeing all the Halloween pictures of days gone by.

Make your own family signs

Family sign.  Using $5 wood plaques from Michael's  & Hobby Lobby.  Then spray paint and add a  $11 vinyl decal.  Less than $20 dollar gift. Buy the vinyl decal
Once you get your vinyl and buy and paint your wood sign. Here are the different sizes I purchased from Michaels
Then pull back the white backing, Leaving the  vinyl lettering on the tape.

Then Place the vinyl decal as you want it on to the wood. Run a credit card over the tape a few times  making the vinyl press onto the wood 

Then peel back the tape slowly making sure the  vinyl letters come on to wood and off the tape
Lots of different styles.
Whole family name sign

Great housewarming gift or Wedding gift

This sign can be waterproof with some clear  paint that is used to weather proof decks.
This sign was a gift for a man that had just  finished building his own garage.