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Holiday Decor

Built in shelves

We made a built in shelving unit To begin we started with the edge of the shower tile and cut a hole in the wall until we hit a stud. We had 12 inches and then we went down about 4ft.  

We made the shelves first so we could put screw in connecting each of the shelves to the side
on the outside of the frame so they would not be seen when the unit is placed in the wall.

Then we cut the back beadboard panels to fit each square and nailed then onto the back

 Then we pushed the unit into place

Then we took some picture molding and put it around to cover up the gaps

A Few Jewish Thought

Learning the first little bit of Hebrew.
I learned the Shema first.
Sh'ma Yis'ra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad.

My husband taught me to say this by using English words that sound like the Hebrew words.
Adonai (add a nine) Eloheinu (Ella hey new) Adonai (add a nine) echad (a hod)

The Talmud teaches, “Jews are the compassionate children of compassionate parents.”
Jews don’t retreat from life, we elevate it.

Of the thousands of religions in human history, only Judaism bases its belief on national revelation ― i.e. God speaking to the entire nation. If God is going to start a religion, it makes sense He'll tell everyone, not just one person. G-d spoke at Mt Sinai to around 2 million people who left Egypt.  It states that there was thunder and the earth shook.  The people could hear G-d's words.

Why we do not believe in born again- the message of the Torah has always been to have faith in God for salvation and not "work your way."

G-d knows everything.  He a…

Happiness and Forgivness


G-d didn't give the Torah to save us.  As Christians feel we needed saving and we need a blood sacrifice.  But G-d didn't say we needed saving.  If their religion is based on Judaism than the truth is G-d gave us the laws to show our obedience and he gave us Torah so we could learn.  He wants our happiness.  The closer you are to G-d the happier you become.  So we gave us the tools to find a path closer to him and happiness.  The sacrifices we never did because we needed a blood sacrifice to be forgiven for our sins.   Torah does't know the word sin that was added when the Greek translated the Torah.  Sacrifices we done for many reasons like coming closer to G-d, Submitting to G-d's will,  and to show gratitude. Sin, when we use the word means miss the mark.  It doesn't need salvation but a heavy heart and will to do better.  When you are sorry and bring it before G-d he will forgive us.  I have read a lot of views about G-d forgiving the wrongs you do ag…

Reusing the old and covering everything in glitter

Reusing the old.  We took our old blue christmas stockings from before we were Jews and I cut the heel and toe part off and my husband sewed them up for me. Now they are bags for our dreidels and gelt. I hung our initials on each one.

Now to Glitter it up.  I use spray glue then poured glitter on things.

I purchased a menorah cut out of wood on Etsy. Sprayed it then poured on white and silver glitter.

While I had the glitter out I covered these candles.

For this one, I sprayed the inside of the glass and then rolled the glitter around the inside of it.

Making a banner for Hanukkah

Making a banner for Hanukkah I started with this set of stuff then only used the small banner pendants from Hobby Lobby for $2.99 and the hole punch.  The banner is made from a hard card stock.  It could not be painted on with paint.  So I spray painted them royal blue.  Don't ask me why it can handle spray paint but not real paint.  Real paint made the sides curl up. Then I made the 9 candles (I have a vinyl decal company) I will sell these if anyone need the decals.  Then I put the holes it then and strung them up.

Hanukkah- wood letters

I wanted a large Hanukkah sign for my fireplace.  Hanukkah stuff is not really sold at stores so everything is DIY with a little help from some Etsy or Ebay sellers. There are a few places online to buy stuff .
First I purchased the letters from an Ebay seller.  Unpainted 8 inch wooden letter in storybrook font

Then I spray painted them royal blue.  Next I used Martha Stewart Glitter finish paint in Aquarium Blue.I wanted a bit of shimmer to them.  But after 4 coats of this stuff you can't see much shimmer at all. 

Can you see the shimmer?
Now I used a leftover piece of picture molding and used liquid nails to glue them n the large edge. I wanted to have the letters stand up and this molding will do that for me.

 Finally all done!


My husband cut out a pumpkin  shape from a large piece of plywood  from Lowes and painted it for me.

We I bought the Snoopy and woodstock  stuffedanimals from Kohl's for $5 each The shirt is from Etsy seller