Bedroom Makeover with Window Molding

Grayson's Bedroom Makeover

Before with no crown molding, chair rail or window seat/ trim. 
and After. 

The window area where we built a window seat.

It is a very thin window seat move of a window ledge.

Move outlet forward so it could be used still.

The top piece was cut to fit over the window ledge.

Used oak wood cut for us at home depot. 
The trimmed with 3inch wide MDF  around the 
top and 2inches in the middle

To hide the seem where the top pieces meets the front
 piece we added a strip of small chair rail.

Then we used picture frame molding used in 
wainscoting to box inside each square.

Now the window needed trim around it

We used the same 2 inch MDF on the side,
 3inch trim in the middle and each box 
trimmed with the picture frame molding.

Added a chair rail up high on the wall.

We cut the trim to go up onto the door trim because
 it was thicker than the door trim.

Painted the room blue and the trim white.

After the trim was up I felt it looked wrong so we added another piece of small trim under the crown molding and painted the area between the two pieces of molding white.

Now this is a room for a Five year old.

Now the reason we did all this was to have a place
 to put my daughter's piggy bank collection.

The before again

The After Again.

Canvas wall art

Canvas pictures display

I got my favorite pictures of the kids made as a 22x22 canvas.

They are from Canvas People for $50 each.  A little pricey if you want to get a few made.

Then after we renewed our vows I took about 13 pictures and had them made into canvas'.  The sizes are 8x8, 16x8, and 24x8.  I then put them in order and flipped them over

First we stamped them together .

Then we used small nails and nailed some then plywood pieces on
to make them feel firmer when moving.

Then we hung them up over our bed.  

I had 3 photos left that I grouped together 
and put on the other wall.

 I am going to try making a canvas photo without ordering them because even with the 40% discount on Easyprint Canvas I paid $433.00.