Teacher's drink cups

Make it for yourself for less

Purchase your own cup for $5.99 
to $9.99 at Walmart, Target , 
TJ Max or any store you choose.

This is work on coffee mugs
and water bottles also.

The purchase the name from me
for $3.00
Buy as many as you need because 
shipping is not extra.

Make it yourself for 1/3 the price wood signs

You may have seen this kind of wood sign around Etsy or Pinterest.  It goes for around $45.  You can make it yourself for 1/3 the price with my help.

Buy plywood out of the lumber department in Lowes or Home Dept.  It sells in 24x24 inch sheets.  I ask them to cut it in half for me 
$4.99 cost of wood.

Then you have 24x12.  You can also have them cut this down again to make it 18x12 inches if you want.

Then spray paint and apply vinyl.

Ask for multiple colors or all the same color.  

Semi-home made gifts


For less than $15 you can make gifts for 

We do the vinyl and you make the gift.
Using a $1.64 12x12 tile from Home Depot or Lowes 
you can buy a vinyl decal for under $10 and place it on the vinyl and it will be a great gift.

The stands use to hold the tiles we bought at the dollar store.  You can also hang them on a plate hanger for $4.

To purchase from my etsy shop

We even make them for a new baby arrival

Use the sample name on the tile style you 
like in the message box at check out.  
Then leave the name, date and colors you want.
To show you how to apply the vinyl go
 to our Facebook link below.

Kelly's new room

Kelly's new room