Telling my kids what I believe

When I think about what I believe and why I think to myself "what would I tell my children if they ask me"
So I will write what I believe as I would tell my children.

What do I believe about being Gay?
I believe that being Gay is not something anyone can help or change.  If it was a choice no one would be gay in the south.  They would be gay in large cities where it is easier and you have a chance of meeting another gay person instead of haters.
I believe that to stuff down something that large that makes up who you are must be incredibility painful.
I would say that because only a man and a woman can make a child that it was not natural to be gay. Natural as in biology.  But it doesn't mean I feel they are against nature.  I believe it is beyond their control. To try and force the feeling away is cruelty to yourself.   It would feel as bad as a straight person being told that the world is gay now and you have to be with someone of the same sex.  Now when I think of this, well I couldn't do it and would have to live my life alone.  As to someone who is gay can not force themselves to be straight even if they had to.   My husband says as long as it is consenting adults who aren't causing harm to themselves or others then it isn't our place to judge.  So show compassion and relies that the fact that they are gay is not a threat to you.  The haters act as if someone else being gay is harmful to them and it is not.  If you worry that it will teach the wrong message if your kids see two men holding hands then I say you control what you teach your kids.  When ask about men and men together or woman and woman, my answer would be that families come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some people have two mommies and some live with their grandparents, and some are different skin colors.  They are all different but still a family.
What is ugly to me and scares me is the people who will  go out to gay neighborhoods and hold up signs that says G-d hates fags.   The amount of hate you would have to have inside of you to do that is terrible.  They are the ones I am afraid my kids will see or G-d forbid meet one day.   I don't know how I will tell them that people can hate other people they don't know and that has never harmed them.

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