What I will tell my kids about how to treat family

I want my kids to know that people are wrong.  People will often say that their family fight like cats and dogs but are always there for each other and that is what counts.  But this is wrong.  
Your family; you should never fight with like cats and dogs.  They will be with you on every good day you have and every bad day you have.  They deserve respect and kindness.  They have earned the right to be treated nicely. Save your best behavior for family and learn to sometimes bite your tongue and say how you feel politly and learn to listen to what the other says and show compassion when talking over problems.  Listen more, give more, and share more.
Always be the first to forgive and the first to say you are sorry.  If both sides are doing this then it is a win win.  Act on your feelings don't just say sorry but show the person you are sorry with your actions and kindness.  Use your best behavior on your family and you will never have to fight like cats and dogs.  Because someone fighting with you at holidays but showning up during the bad times does not mean love. Treating someone with love every time you are with them means love.  And asking for forgiveness when you fail to treat them right. 
Love is in the kindness.

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