Feminists can be stay-at-home moms or CEOs. Feminists can be pro-life or avidly pro-choice. Feminists can wax themselves hairless, or not shave at all,wear makeup or wear none, and sport an endless string of crop tops, or dress modestly. Feminists can take their husbands names after marriage, or not.  Feminists come in all races, religions, and nationalities.

There isn't just one way to be a feminist. If you've heard differently, then you've been misinformed.

The freedom lies in the choice.

Gender binaries-
Less gender binaries means more fun for everyone! In a culture riddled with extreme gender binaries, women can’t play sports or even laugh too loud and men can’t cuddle babies or cuddle, tiny animals.  As society widens the definition of “manhood” and “womanhood,” more individuals are free to participate in activities that are typically gendered and restricted to only one group or the other. That means a man can feel equally comfortable baking a cake (a traditionally “feminine” role) as he would playing football and a woman can change a flat tire while wearing high heels. The dedication of past feminists has already helped shape our current society, where “Cake Boss,” a man who loves to bake cakes, is a celebrity and Danica Patrick, the first woman to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup, participates in a long-time male-dominated sport.

Feminism gives little boys the chance to be children first, and boys second. Feminists know and understand that both boys and girls have every right to be angry, frustrated, happy and even sad or empathetic: In other words, human. However, emotions that are typically classified as “feminine,” like nurturing, caring, sympathetic or sadness, are usually disallowed from boyhood expression. Statements like “boys don’t cry” and “be a man” further reinforce the idea that men and boys cannot and should not exhibit basic emotions — a very debilitating and even immature concept. Boys and men are human, not robotic, emotionless androids. Feminism seeks to help society get over that fact.

Feminism has given men the freedom to be fathers. In the past, many children longed for a male figure in the house, but men were frequently absent because of their role as the breadwinner. With women confined to the domestic space — along with the children — and men locked outside in the working world, it was very difficult for strong bonds to be built between child and father.

Now, many working women are capable of supporting a household or are at least able to contribute financially, allowing men to spend more time with their children and less time working. Crucial bonds that have long been absent from Western culture are being forged between father and child in a modern, post-feminist society.

 Feminism helps to make sex better and healthier. The impact of societal policing of female sexuality affects everyone, including the men who women are sleeping with. Many women must deal with debilitating feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety induced by societies need to dominate and diminish female minds and bodies, which ultimately has negative effects on their sexual self-esteem.  

Things to thank  feminism for giving women 
 access to education
 right to vote
 right to own property
 right to work
 right to be in the military
 right to hold public office
 right to divorce
 right to birth control