I am so tried of Buzzfeed and Huff Post saying things like "There isn't enough women CEOs or in Steam.  The problem isn't that there isn't more women in high power jobs the problem is we are making a society that doesn't value women who take care of their families.  A lot of women do not get a choice and have to work but for those who can choose to raise their family themselves instead of hiring someone to do it are very lucky and I wish every woman including myself was so lucky.  We say how unimportant your job will seem when you are on your death bed yet we all spend every moment we are a live judging people by their careers.  A good family that you put first is more important than what you do for a job.  The job just gives you money but a family gives you a reason to live.  I pledge now not to ask people about what they do for a living but to ask about their family, the things that actually matters.       Yes, I know some women like to work and good for you, don't get upset I am just saying no matter what great job you have your family is more important than that job.  But we teach kids that the only thing in life that matter is what title comes after your name.  Your value as a person comes from those who love you not your title and this country is backwards.  Next time someone says something about women need to be in this field more or that one lets remember that rat race doesn't matter and lets value what any woman chooses to do no matter what that is. 

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