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Curtains Matter.

I really don't feel I have a choice on having curtains in the living room. It just looks really off with out them.

So the first look was the curtain panel hanging across the window. This is what I usually do with all my curtains. But in this room it wasn't working for me and I don't need to block out the light in this room as I do in the bedrooms.
So I decided to cut them in half. Putting 2 panels on on window would look to bunched up.
I would have used the iron on tape for the no sew finish but it didn't work on this material. The back has a silk shear fabric that melted as soon as I tried to iron the tape on. So I just hung them up with the cut side on the outside. I will have to sew them one day I am sure. When it starts to bug me. But until then I am done with the curtains.

I really like this look a lot better. Now I just have to do this in all my rooms