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Purim Decor

Purim sticks I made on Vistaprint and then used a paper cutter  to cut out the shapes for the tags
 The kid decorated mask for the wall and we put them in with the mishloach manot. Lewis made the hamantashens.
I made business cards from Vistaprint to explain Purim to our  non jewish community ( which is everybody)


Boba Fett Cake

For my husband 36th we got him this amazing cake 

Harry Potter Party

I used the flyers to cover up my Welcome to my home vinyl decal on this wall.

 The top right is a map of London and a brick curtain my husband sewed .

I made the 9 3/4 sign by painting a circle piece of plywood I got at Michaels for $1 and added vinyl

to purchase vinyl at Etsy store.

The dining room we made into Diagon Alley
 The Three Broom Sticks
 I order the Butterbeer off of Amazon.
All the glass wear I got from the dollar store and the stickers from

Honeydukes is a cardboard stand from Ikea

 Stickers from  Honeyduke chocolate bar wrappers from Etsy seller