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My little pony party





Tulle Canopy

Making a tulle canopy.  We used a small hula hoop from the dollar store and 6 bolts of 54inches by 120 feet of tulle.  I cut them down to about 10 feet then tied one end to the hoop.  We then hung the hoop on the ceiling with clear fishing line.  Then used push pins to hold them onto the wall. We had to go around and cut off the extra tulle hanging down.   


Sweet Shop for 6th birthday

We made the sweet shop ourselves for very little money. It was $20 for the 2 crates which we glued together with liquid nails The $7 for the 2 side pieces of wood and the front piece.  The were that size already from Home Depot and we just glued them on.  The cupcake and tea pot were from Michael's for $5 and we decorated them ourselves.

The Atheist

A lot of religious people believe that an atheist doesn't believe in G-d because they want to do anything they want like have sex with lots of people, get abortions, cheat on their spouses and comment crimes.   All of which is done every day by people who claim to have G-d in their lives.  But religious people say you can't have morals with out G-d.  But from what I have seen it is not a lack of morals that causes a person to be an atheist but because they have to many morals to hate people they don't know based on their beliefs or lifestyle that hurts no one.

The are offend vegetarians, against abortion, for equal rights of every man and woman. They disbelieve in G-d because of the way religions have enslaved, mistreated woman, killed millions, and   hides behind G-d's name in order to hate others.

Morals are not just for the religious.  Religion has shown less morals in history than atheist.  I think the people worry about their 1st world problems and acting as if G…

Mommy what do you believe

If ask these things by my kids about what I believe I have made a list of my answers and one day the will read them or I will hopeful be here to tell them.

Do you believe in the devil?  No, Satan as a servant of G-d to do G-d's work yes but an evil ex angel who lives in hell and uses earth as a playground NO.

Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

Do you believe in hell? No, I believe those that have given in to their evil inclinations are in a living hell while they are on earth and when they die the are finally given freedom from their pain and torcher.  In Ezekiel 18:20 G-d says 20"The soul who sins shall die. He often says they shall die and the good shall live but he doesn't say they will burn in ever lasting fire.  I think it means when he awakens the dead and they shall live again with him and the very bad he will leave dead in their sleeping state forever.

Why do bad thing happen?  When it is…