Dear Believer Why Do You Believe

This is not about believing in G-d but I think it is good to know that there are more beliefs than just your belief.
 I often get frustrated when someone tells me they would have been a Christian even if they were born in Iran.  Really you would have found Christianity when you will not even look into what any other religion is about but if you were Muslim you believe you would have dropped  it and became a Christian. When you would not even be able to find a christian bible anywhere in Iran. I know that as a white america my choices were be a Christian, a bad Christian or a non believer.  After trying until I was 22 years old then decided I thought there was a G-d but I was not a Christian.
Luckily when I was the happiest in my life that I had ever been I found religion.  I know why a Christian states how they found religion or Jesus they were at rock bottom or a huge amount of pain.  But I had not been healthier mentally or happier.  And I found Judaism.
 I hope everyone finds what speaks to their hearts and not settle with the religion they were born into  but search for the truth of their heart.  Or just learn about other religions so you can stop being a missionary to everyone because you know you are right.  Well, guess what everyone thinks their religion is right.  Everyone thinks they feel G-d, felt his work in their life, and seen miracles.  And they have all that while not having Jesus.  Respect that.  Next time someone says Jesus said he was the way, the light and the truth and the only way to the father is through him.  I will say yes well Krishna said that first 3000 yrs before Jesus did.  Also 67% of the world isn't Christians so stop acting like it is a Christian world.  It isn't it is a world for and of people.

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