Shabbat Step Two- Kiddush

Now when you are ready to add a little more to the night I have a few more things.
For dinner we buy pizza for the kids to eat.  I want them to look forward to the day and not feel it is the day we make them eat food they don't like.  We buy extra pizza for the next day so we don't have to cook on Saturday.

I found this website very help for all things Jewish

Now for the Kiddush.  We have little kiddush cups.  Some people use one cup then pass it to each person.

Or you can do the Kiddush with one cup then pour into the smaller cups and each person drinks from them.

We didn't start Kiddush until Valentine's day; which is five months after we started shabbat, so don't worry about taking your time to learn it all and feel comfortable doing it. We found it best to slowly add things so we did not feel overwhelmed at the beginning.

The boys wear their kippahs and my daughter and I wear lace head coverings during the blessings.


This is the one I bought (above), and my daughters is small and pink (below).

Now the Kiddush is very long so we start by only doing the small version

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