Love the Convert

Written in Pesachim 87b, Talmud.
Rav Elazar says: 
HaShem exiled Yisrael among the nations in order that converts will added onto them.

If you are reading this because you are looking for information on conversion then please read on.  The first thing you should know is a convert is loved by the Jewish people.  Some may say that if G-d wanted you to be Jewish he would have made you a jew.  But we must remember that the King David's great grandmother Ruth was also a convert.

Approximately ten years after the marriages, both of Naomi's sons die. Naomi is left with no blood relations, and she wishes to return to her former home in Bethlehem. Her two daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth, request to accompany her to Judah. Naomi tries to dissuade them, telling them how hard life is for the Jewish people.

While Orpah is convinced to stay in Moab and remarry, Ruth refuses. She wishes to remain with Naomi and become Jewish. She says, "[…] wherever you go, I will go; wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, your God shall be my God" (1:16). With this statement, Ruth officially converts to Judaism.

You are wanted and welcomed.

We are converting.  My family that is.  I will post what we learn and where we learned it.  I will also post facts I have found from reading an amazing amount of blogs, websites, and watching youtube videos.

Jews do not look for converts because we do not believe that you have to be a Jew to be loved by G-d.  Everyone is loved by G-d so conversion is not needed.

I find that my thoughts about life are already similar to Jewish beliefs.  When I read about Judaism I find my soul is fed, as if I am reading a how to book on living a better life.

The story of the steps it took for us to look into Judaism is here

The first video to watch to know more about converting.

This book is wonderful information from a Jew who didn't know anything about being a Jew until her soon to be husband converted and she learned along with him.

Get The Tanakh - A must have.

A few things I wanted to know in the beginning were:

How much Hebrew will I need to know?  I am bad with languages.   You don't have to do the blessing in Hebrew. All the traditions can be done in English.  We do them in English and master one in Hebrew then build onto that. We learned one blessing at a time.

MIKVAH- must be done to make conversion complete.   You have to say 3 blessings at the mikvah, each time you rise from the water.  There are cards with the blessing in transliteration for you, so you don't have to have it memorized.


In this video you can hear the blessing said.  You don't have to sing.
This video is of a baby.  When it is an adult you are only with a mikvah lady who is turned away from you and the Rabbis are in the hallway listening for the blessings.

Convert Stories

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