Common Hebrew words

Chai - pronounced Hi -  Means Life

L'chaim - pronounced La hi um - Means to life.  It is said as Cheers when you drink.
Video Lechaim song from Fiddler on the roof

Simcha- sim ha - means rejoice

Shabbat shalom - means Good sabbath

Shavua tov- pronounced shaw vo a tov  -  means good week-  say this after shabbat ends

Oneg- pronounced own eh - means the after shabbat snack at the Temple- Shul
cut song about Oneg

Shul- means Temple or synagogue

Kiddush- pronounced kid ish - means holy or make verbal statement - kiddush is the blessing over the wine.

B'nei Yisrael- pronounced Ba nay Israel - means children of Israel

Parashat- pronounced parsha- means weekly Torah portion.

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