Chosen One

Why are Jews called the chosen ones.
G-d offered his covenant to all people on earth but the Hebrew which chose to say yes were then the chosen ones.  We chose G-d after hearing his conditions and plans at Mt Sinai. We chose G-d and to serve only him with no gain for us.
We win no salvation or ticket to heaven (since the world to come is offered to everyone)
We do not lower him to a magic genie to ask for better things in life. (I pray in Thanks and blessings)  G-d knows our heart and doesn't need us to keep asking things of him.
If every person took out the part of their prays that ask G-d for something how long would your prayer be.  Even if it is to ask him for help for someone else.
We chose him with no personal gain. To serve G-d for personal gain or salvation is to serve yourself not G-d.  Which is why we do mitzvot.  I get pleasure knowing that I am pleasing G-d and doing what he ask of me.  I get nothing more from it than that.  A lot of times I heard people who are upset with G-d because he let something happen and they prayed so hard for him to help them out.  But he isn't here for that.  We are here for him.  We have chosen to serve and he has chosen us to serve him. So we chose him based on these rules.

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