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A completely different religion

O L–rd, my strength and stronghold, my refuge in day of trouble, nations shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say: “Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies, vanity, and worthless things. Shall a man make for himself gods? Such are no gods!”   Jeremiah 16:19–20
Most people feel that Jews are just like Christians but minus Jesus.  But that is not the case.
We do not believe in hell, satan, sin, salvation, or going to heaven.
It is very feeling to not live under fear.  No one can tell us we are sinners going to hell but that is like someone saying we are cartoon characters going to see spongebob.
If you read my post on mistranslated words than you know the original meaning before the Greeks changed it these words were not used in our writings the Torah or the Tanakh.
We draw a hard and firm line about only having one G-d.  We say the shema in the morning and at night.  It is in the mezuzah  on our door ways.  It states that the Lord our G-d is one .  We can not bend that thought to include anyone else.  Not a spirit or son.  When G-d spoke to the children of Israel from Mt Sinai he never said their was anyone but him.  He told us how to prayer, how to repent and he will forgive us, how to eat, how to live, how to have a court system.  He told us of the world to come.  He could have told us about having a son and how to treat him. He did not say we needed salvation and everything he told us about his forgiveness will one day be untrue.  G-d knows all possible futures and doesn't change his mind.  So to say that he decided to have a son after that point is to say G-d is not perfect.  If the son is a part of him as the same person than he would not be called a son.  Your child is not you and they don't get a degree from a college when they are born because you earned a degree at the college.  So why pray to Jesus if G-d has done it all.  But it doesn't matter because to Christians Jesus is everything but to us G-d is everything and nothing is equal and we go by what he said and he said he was the only G-d.  And put no one above him.  EVER.




  1. some call it absurdity. We call it "Love." No greater love than a Man lay down His Life


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