Purim Decor

Purim sticks I made on Vistaprint and then used a paper cutter 
to cut out the shapes for the tags


 The kid decorated mask for the wall and we put them in with the mishloach manot.
Lewis made the hamantashens. 


I made business cards from Vistaprint to explain Purim to our 
non jewish community ( which is everybody)


Boba Fett Cake

For my husband 36th we got him this amazing cake 

Harry Potter Party

 I used the flyers to cover up my Welcome to my home vinyl decal on this wall.

 The top right is a map of London and a brick curtain my husband sewed .

I made the 9 3/4 sign by painting a circle piece of plywood I got at Michaels for $1 and added vinyl

to purchase vinyl at Etsy store.

The dining room we made into Diagon Alley

 The Three Broom Sticks

 I order the Butterbeer off of Amazon.

All the glass wear I got from the dollar store and the stickers from http://www.redbubble.com

Honeydukes is a cardboard stand from Ikea

 Stickers from http://www.redbubble.com/
 Honeyduke chocolate bar wrappers from Etsy seller

Honeyduke bags 

Little boxes 

The signs I made myself.  Picture is a postcard from Zazzle.

This is a map of Diagon Alley

 Sticker from Zazzle and postcard picture from Zazzle also.  The Sign I made and the wands are from

 I took a 24x24 box and cut the opening and the back put 

We made the frogs ourselves with using a frog mold I ordered from Amazon.

 Each invite also had a train ticket for Platform 9 3/4


For our kids we put the invites in the fireplace

They already picked the house they wanted to be in.  Although we still had them do the hat sorting.

Each place set had a card that told of the traits of that house.

The black plastic plate I got from Walmart in a pack of 4 for $1 then added
 the house stickers from Zazzle.

I made the banner by buying a plain black banner for $5 at Hobby Lobby
The house ties are stickers I ordered

  The flag I purchased from ebay

 This is our Dobby

  Sorting hat and broom  from Amazon

  All the items are thing my son had collected


Wings for flying keys


 All the sign I made

We had a baby monitor on the table behind then and my husband was
in the kitchen speaking as the hat

 Then they got their ties
Which I got on ebay.  I paid less by ordering from a company in China but it took
 2 months for them to get here. So order early.

You can't tell but my shirt says Muggle

I just printed out this tags and then used mod podge to stick them on.

Potions class