Creating a light

Our front sitting room doesn't have a light in it. So we had to make one ourselves. I didn't want it to be centered in the ceiling but more over to the side for a room or chatting area.
First I found a cheap $10 brass and glass light on Craigslist.
The seller was shocked I actually wanted to buy something so out dated.

Then I broke it down to the part I wanted to use.
Spray painted it white with Krylon white gloss for $2.57
Then I bought a swag light kit at home depot. It was $11.97
Lewis then cut the cord that was on the light and wired it with the new plug in cord. We hung the light with a plant hook that comes in the kit. Took the chain over to the wall and hooked it there also. Then droped the cord behind the blinds. We have tall bushes so the windows are covered outside and noone can see the cord.
Lamp shade was $24 at Target.
I was featured on Life as Lori

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

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