Board and batten really simple .

The first step to changing our son's room from this bright sunny yellow to a board and batten gray and charcoal was to put trim around the window. I love trim and will put it anywhere I can. None of the windows in our home have any trim around them so we add it as we go.
The window trim was $26.00 total. We borrowed a nail gun from a neighbor and my husband cuts the trim.

Then we added a chair rail. I wanted one with a ledge so we got this casing. The room is a 9x10 and it cost us $56 for all of the casing that we needed .

Then I got 4ft tall wood trim that I got from the trim and molding department. It cost almost $2 for one 4ft tall 2 inches wide piece of wood. It fits nicely on the base board with no cutting or trimming. We used 17 pieces $34.

This is my almost 16inch stick that I used to space the wood apart.

Then we paid painters because we are bad at painting and we hate to do it. The colors are Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray in a flat on top and I don't have the color name for the bottom because I left my sample at the store when I bought the gallon and the gallon doesn't have the name of the color on it.

Each gallon of paint was around $26.

Total $168 plus $200 for painters. I hate to paint but $200 to paint one room seems crazy. I wish I was good at painting because I would go into that business.


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