Master Bathroom makeover

The pale blue with lots of brass before bathroom.

We do not have many pictures of this room because after a year of living here we still had not decorated it. Everything was brass and baby blue. But we kept the vanity but took out the brass faucets, brass light fixture and builders mirror.

We painted the room teal. Also ungraded the doors and put on chrome light plates.

This is the start of my English theme showing up in the room.

The before half wall for towels
Now the towel wall with his and her pictures of each of us in a phone booth in London.

The shower stall was plastic and we had it ripped out and tiled along with the floor.
All the brass is gone and this added to the room we had in the shower stall.
Bath tub area before.
I added picture of some of the things we saw while in England. Changed the faucet to chrome and built a faux build it tub front to the tub.

The shelves have sand from Wales, Ireland, rocks from the shores of the English Channel in Dover, and from The English Channel on the Calais France side.

I found this great art work of the map in London and a Big Ben wire statue to fit in nice in this area.
Subway art of all the places we went to in England.
Then we had to and a bit of vinyl to make the space more us. So we did a 4 ft Tower Bridge.
This area before
This area after

If you wonder how much a bathroom remake cost. We spend about
$200 on all the tile
$300 for both mirror
$300 for both sink faucets
$300 for tub and shower faucets
$80 new doors 3 total
$300 for 2 lights
$70 built in tub beadboard
$3000 contractor
$50 for art
$4550 total makeover.

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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

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