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Board and batten really simple .

The first step to changing our son's room from this bright sunny yellow to a board and batten gray and charcoal was to put trim around the window. I love trim and will put it anywhere I can. None of the windows in our home have any trim around them so we add it as we go.
The window trim was $26.00 total. We borrowed a nail gun from a neighbor and my husband cuts the trim.

Then we added a chair rail. I wanted one with a ledge so we got this casing. The room is a 9x10 and it cost us $56 for all of the casing that we needed .

Then I got 4ft tall wood trim that I got from the trim and molding department. It cost almost $2 for one 4ft tall 2 inches wide piece of wood. It fits nicely on the base board with no cutting or trimming. We used 17 pieces $34.

This is my almost 16inch stick that I used to space the wood apart.

Then we paid painters because we are bad at painting and we hate to do it. The colors are Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray in a flat on top and I don't have th…

Home tour

Yay for Poppies at play

Check out all the lovely homes on the Parade of Homes tour. This became our home as of May 2010

We made a lot of changes in the
                  Three years we have lived here.

                               our message on the front door

These wood art wood is from the Book East of Eden.   It is the hebrew word Tinshel.