Board and batten really simple .

The first step to changing our son's room from this bright sunny yellow to a board and batten gray and charcoal was to put trim around the window. I love trim and will put it anywhere I can. None of the windows in our home have any trim around them so we add it as we go.
The window trim was $26.00 total. We borrowed a nail gun from a neighbor and my husband cuts the trim.

Then we added a chair rail. I wanted one with a ledge so we got this casing. The room is a 9x10 and it cost us $56 for all of the casing that we needed .

Then I got 4ft tall wood trim that I got from the trim and molding department. It cost almost $2 for one 4ft tall 2 inches wide piece of wood. It fits nicely on the base board with no cutting or trimming. We used 17 pieces $34.

This is my almost 16inch stick that I used to space the wood apart.

Then we paid painters because we are bad at painting and we hate to do it. The colors are Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray in a flat on top and I don't have the color name for the bottom because I left my sample at the store when I bought the gallon and the gallon doesn't have the name of the color on it.

Each gallon of paint was around $26.

Total $168 plus $200 for painters. I hate to paint but $200 to paint one room seems crazy. I wish I was good at painting because I would go into that business.


The DIY Show Off

Home tour

                     Yay for Poppies at play   

Check out all the lovely homes on the Parade of Homes tour.
This became our home as of May 2010

                 We made a lot of changes in the
                  Three years we have lived here.

                               our message on the front door

These wood art wood is from the Book East of Eden.  
It is the hebrew word Tinshel.

This room was enclosed a year or so after we moved in.
It was open and we had nothing to do with the room.
  I will not just have a sitting room that is for looks 
but we enclosed the room and it has been an
 office, my mother- in law's room and a playroom.

The playroom

The entry way

                       The Living Room



 Calendar in frame with wedding date circled

Top pic from last year and bottom
 pic is how it is now.

Adding the molding is in this post

New changes to the living room was this
 photo gallery wall and the stair well.

We added a chair rail and painted
 a dark brown on the lower part 
of the wall. Then added shadow 

Stairs makeover

Hallway from living room to front door.

The dining room

The changes of the dining room since we moved in.
Dining room now

     The half bath

One of our first home projects was adding a lower crown molding for this bathroom that makes you feel like you have fallen down a well.  It is tight and talllll.


This really shortened the room and it looks a lot
 better.  We also built a frame to go around the
 mirror with large door trim.


                                          The second stage of decor

Before with the old sink

                                             The New sink

The Kitchen had 2 makeovers in 2 years.
We made a cheap diy makeover for $4000

The first makeover

This is when we moved in.  

Then our diy kitchen

and then a house fire in the garage and
 the Kitchen was redone again.


Master Bedroom
When we moved in it was like this

Changes to master 

                                       Master bathroom

The first year it was the way it bad.  Pale green and ugly.

The decor is UK.  The pictures are from places in England

I have vases full of sand from beaches in Ireland, Scotland, England, Greece and Wales

 I put pictures of us in Phone Booths over our towel hooks

I made a subway art of all the places we went to in England.

  I love my art to be personal to just us.

See us make the tub look built in with a  beadboard front.

 Mack's room

Mack's first room- still had the yellow
 walls from when we moved it.

Added wall trim to Mack's room

                                       Gray's baby room

                                     Gray's big girl room

Gray's new room 

We added crown molding and a small picture
 frame molding a few inches down from 
the crown and painted the space in between white.  
The added a very high chair molding around the room.

The new window ledge and wainscoting.

Kelly's room

Kelly's new room

Changed Kelly's room

 Upstairs hall
Before we added the wood trim

See how we did it here

The Garage we changed into two offices
 and art/place area for the kids

 We built a wall dividing the space in two.

 The area in front of the doors.

Our home made safety gate.
We call it the Kelly gate.