Sweep trash into a Vac Pan for $90

I hate using a trying to sweep the dirt up off the floor into a dust pan. It is hard with the broom on your shoulder while you try to sweep the stuff in the pan. I can't sweep it out the door because of the door frame So we made a way to sweep our trash to a vac pan and the shop vac will suck it up.
We need the vac pan toe kick from Amazon.

Central Vacuum Vac Pan, Toe Kick, White


We picked the front hall closet to use to house the small shop vac.

First cut the baseboard off the wall.

Cut through the wall so you can put the vac pan in the wall as flush as possible
This is the other side of the closet where the shop vac will go

Cut hot into the wall where the hose will go through.

I got the smallest shop vac for $70

Feed hose thru the hole.

Attach it to the vac pan and tape together.

Cut baseboard to fit over top of the pan

This is as flush as we could get it so we used a lot of caulk.

Here it is behind the basket. I sweep everything to this spot then turn on the shop vac and sweep trash to the pan. The vac sucks the trash right up so quick. I love this!

You could also put it in a cabinet.


  1. How did you wire the vac pan to the shop vac?

  2. You wired it with duct tape!?!
    The terminals are not rated for 120V. I would use 24V relay and hook 120V to a NO contact for a receptacle.