The Fireplace makeover at my Sister's house.

The first step was removing the doors of the cabinet.  Which had a huge area for a very deep TV.  Which was not used.  
We used 2 coats of this Gripper paint and primer so we would not have to sand or prep the wood on the fireplace in any way.  Then we used 2 coats of semi gloss white paint from Lowes brand.  That was all it took.

Lewis had made the board to cover the whole a few weeks earlier.  He got a 64 inches long by 45 inches tall piece of plywood.  Which the people at Lowes cut at the store the size needed.  We made it the same length from side to side as the fireplace was on the bottom, not the size of the mantel.  The height we just guessed by what looked good to us.
Then Lewis framed the plywood with some trim and did another frame inside the plywood box with another decorative trim.  He used liquid nails to hold it on the wood and then used a nail gun on the corners of each frame.  Then the guys used liquid nails again on the back of the board and stuck it to the wall.  Finishing it off with a few nails to hold it while the liquid nails dries.

Lewis had to caulk around the whole frame and the inside of the fireplace. 

This picture was taken the first day it was done so no decor was added yet !

BEFORE                            AFTER

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