Canvas wall art

Canvas pictures display

I got my favorite pictures of the kids made as a 22x22 canvas.

They are from Canvas People for $50 each.  A little pricey if you want to get a few made.

Then after we renewed our vows I took about 13 pictures and had them made into canvas'.  The sizes are 8x8, 16x8, and 24x8.  I then put them in order and flipped them over

First we stamped them together .

Then we used small nails and nailed some then plywood pieces on
to make them feel firmer when moving.

Then we hung them up over our bed.  

I had 3 photos left that I grouped together 
and put on the other wall.

 I am going to try making a canvas photo without ordering them because even with the 40% discount on Easyprint Canvas I paid $433.00.

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