Built in bookcase

This is the before area 

This is the after- built in 
bookcase and window seat.

The white wall frame is a 60 inch
 by 42 inches piece of plywood. 
 We painted it and then added a frame
 around it and a smaller frame 
on the inside with picture molding.
  It cost under $40.  

To build the book shelves we 
used 2 inch thick wood.  
We bought 12 inches wide , 2 inches 
thick and 14 inches long.

We needed to raise it up a little so we added a 6 inch piece of wood to the bottom.
The then side window seats are 
21 inches top to bottom and 
12 inches by 12 inches inside space.

We added a top level so the bookcase
would go up to the picture frame.

Then we added a 2 inch mdf 
molding to the bottom and 
the picture frame molding to add 
a bit of trim and to go 
over the seams where the wood meets.

Total cost was $90 for wood
 and $35 for trim.


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