Adding window molding and changing the fireplace

This was the before fireplace and window area.

We added window wainscoting
 and painted the fireplace.

First Lewis traced the bottom of the 
fireplace onto a box so he could cut a
piece of plywood to go on top of the brick.

Then added plywood pieces on each 
side of the front of the bricks.

Ripped out baseboards and trim under window.

Started adding trim to the top 
and bottom part of the wood

Pre Painting the trim

Then trim was added up to the 
ceiling and down to the floor 

Then used picture trim on the inside
 of the trim to make a box wainscot look

Painted and the trim and bricks white

Added small crown molding on the top
 of the window trim to match the fireplace

All finished total wood cost was $120 
plus $20 in paint and $20 in liquid nails.

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