Gift Giving Ideas

With gift giving I like to make the gift personalized




Putting Angry bird faces on Dollar store bucket

Make a pencil with name for a teacher.

$1 bottles with kids names

Tile gift for my husband with the state we met in and the state we now live in

The is piece of plywood painted to make a baby name 

These bag are teach end of the year gifts.
I use just plain white paper gift bags and
 made the gift tags out of vinyl.

inside the bag is cupcakes in a jar.
Which I have a local lady make for $4 a jar.

Then for my sister in law, I made
 a gift bucket as a gift for her 
as a Thank You for staying
 with our kids so we could go
 to Scotland. I Personalized the gift 
with their last name.
You can purchase a last name vinyl decal

I got a bucket from TJ Maxx.
Since it was the beginning of summer, 
I put outside candles, hand towels,
gift cards and a few more cupcakes 
in a jar.

With a wood letter for about $2 -$4
 at Hobby Lobby or Michaels you 
can personalize a gift for a kid you love. 

I painted the letters and put a flower sticker
 on them.I added the name with vinyl decal.

This frame I made for my husband on Valentines Day.

I bought the frame for $8 at TJ Maxx.  
Then added the vinyl with famous love stories. 
 I used couples that are our favorites.

 More Teacher gift.
These are the winter break gifts.

The first is a dark tile from Lowes $1.84
The teacher's favorite Sports team 
used to make it personal for her family.

I found this Letter for $6 and put the teachers name on it 
and then added using words that I am sure applies to her.

Baby tiles
Made for Baby Shower gifts

For vinyl to make your own

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