Gift Giving Ideas

With gift giving I like to make the gift personalized




Putting Angry bird faces on Dollar store bucket

Make a pencil with name for a teacher.

$1 bottles with kids names

Tile gift for my husband with the state we met in and the state we now live in

The is piece of plywood painted to make a baby name 

These bag are teach end of the year gifts.
I use just plain white paper gift bags and
 made the gift tags out of vinyl.

inside the bag is cupcakes in a jar.
Which I have a local lady make for $4 a jar.

Then for my sister in law, I made
 a gift bucket as a gift for her 
as a Thank You for staying
 with our kids so we could go
 to Scotland. I Personalized the gift 
with their last name.
You can purchase a last name vinyl decal

I got a bucket from TJ Maxx.
Since it was the beginning of summer, 
I put outside candles, hand towels,
gift cards and a few more cupcakes 
in a jar.

With a wood letter for about $2 -$4
 at Hobby Lobby or Michaels you 
can personalize a gift for a kid you love. 

I painted the letters and put a flower sticker
 on them.I added the name with vinyl decal.

This frame I made for my husband on Valentines Day.

I bought the frame for $8 at TJ Maxx.  
Then added the vinyl with famous love stories. 
 I used couples that are our favorites.

 More Teacher gift.
These are the winter break gifts.

The first is a dark tile from Lowes $1.84
The teacher's favorite Sports team 
used to make it personal for her family.

I found this Letter for $6 and put the teachers name on it 
and then added using words that I am sure applies to her.

Baby tiles
Made for Baby Shower gifts

For vinyl to make your own

Shrek Party

My son wanted a Shrek Four-ever after party

 We made the cake in the shape of a seven
 and used pie crust crumbed up to look 
like dirt.I got the shrek figures from Ebay.

 Worms and rock candies

Owl Birthday Party

The owl theme was everywhere at Valentines day so I used
any pink Owls I found as part of the table decor.

Adding window molding and changing the fireplace

This was the before fireplace and window area.

We added window wainscoting
 and painted the fireplace.

First Lewis traced the bottom of the 
fireplace onto a box so he could cut a
piece of plywood to go on top of the brick.

Then added plywood pieces on each 
side of the front of the bricks.

Ripped out baseboards and trim under window.

Started adding trim to the top 
and bottom part of the wood

Pre Painting the trim

Then trim was added up to the 
ceiling and down to the floor 

Then used picture trim on the inside
 of the trim to make a box wainscot look

Painted and the trim and bricks white

Added small crown molding on the top
 of the window trim to match the fireplace

All finished total wood cost was $120 
plus $20 in paint and $20 in liquid nails.