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Vaccine Info - Autism - Resources, Studies, Articles, and General Info

Vaccine Info - Autism - Resources, Studies, Articles, and General Info

The autism epidemic that began in the late 1980’s is likely due primarily to toxins adversely affecting fetus and infants during development.  Autism is closely correlated with a lessened ability to excrete toxins.
Mercury is likely a major contributor to this toxin-induced autism, whether the source of the mercury is from vaccines or environmental mercury exposure
Other toxins, whether from vaccines or environmental exposure, can also contribute to toxin-induced autism.
When mercury is present in the body either from recent acute exposure or long-term chronic exposure, it can exponentially increase the adverse affect of other toxins 10-fold to 100-fold in a process known as “synergistic toxicity.”  Why do autistic kid not have mercury in their hair from their first hair cut when non autistic kid do (that is how the body should get rid of the toxins)  
Why do autistic kids have measles strain in their intestine and in their bone marrow?  Why are the symptoms of mercury poisoning the same as autism symptoms.  Why is mercury in baby teeth 2x higher in autistic children? . These are the questions that the doctors and scientist are looking into in the many links below.

-Recent peer-reviewed scientific/medical studies by Nataf et al. (2006) and by Geier and Geier (2006) leave little doubt that many autistic children are indeed mercury poisoned. These studies utilized urinary porphyrin profile analysis (UPPA) to assess the body-burden and magnitude of physiological effects of mercury in children.
-Mercury poisoning and autism have nearly identical symptoms, and a single day’s vaccination regimen may inject 41 times the level of mercury known to cause harm. California’s autism rate has mushroomed 1000% over the past 20 years, with dramatic increases following the introduction of the MMR vaccine in the early 1980’s. England had dramatic autism increases beginning in the 1990’s, following the introduction of the MMR vaccine there. Some infants receive 100 times the EPA’s maximum allowable amount of mercury through vaccines.

In January, 2000, the Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions reported that the MMR vaccine was not adequately tested and should not have been licensed. Further reinforcing the suspected vaccine-autism connection is the fact that many physicians using a systematic mercury-detoxification regimen with autistic patients have seen dramatic improvements in the health and behavior of their patients.
-Los Angeles Times, Merck & Co., the makers of several vaccines, knew in 1991 that the cumulative amount of mercury in vaccines given to infants by six months of age was about 87 times the level then thought to be safe
-"However, in 2001, the vaccine was found to cause a serious, frequently fatal, multisystemic illness, called yellow fever vaccine–associated viscerotropic disease (YEL-AVD), which resembles the illness it was designed to prevent."

Mercury in the body
- study of children with developmental delay found that 75 of 91 patients with autism and inflamed bowels had live measles virus detected in samples of their intestinal tissues. Only 7 of the 70 normal patients (or controls) were found to have the measles virus in their gut. Vaccine measles strains have been isolated from the spinal fluid of autistic children.
-A case control study of 221 children with autism and 18 controls found that after a DMSA challenge test, vaccinated autistic children had THREE times the level of mercury in their urine compared to controls
Biopsy samples found 22,000 times the level of mercury in people with heart failure from unknown causes compared to controls whose heart failure was caused by virus, heart attacks, or high blood pressure
-Research proves that even very low levels of exposure have adverse effects on language, attention, and memory, making children less able to think and learn. When you read this list of symptoms, it is easy for even the layperson to correlate that this environmental toxin has caused havoc with our children’s development starting in the late 80’s when the numbers of vaccines containing thimerosal and the epidemic of developmental disorders began to increase
-Monkey studies have shown that the mercury in thimerosal does indeed cross the blood brain barrier and results in significant deposition of inorganic mercury in the brain. Research has documented that inorganic mercury becomes trapped in the brain (the estimated half-life is over 700 days).
-A review by Dr. Paul G. King has proven otherwise, showing that ethylmercury is first metabolized by the body into toxic methylmercury, which is then metabolized into inorganic mercury.
The abstract from that study states the following:
"In the rat study, which Dr. King cites, the lab rats were raised for the purpose of this study and had no reported mercury levels in their blood before the experiment.
There were three groups in the study:
1. A test group of Thimerosal-(ethylymercury)-treated rats;
2. A test group of methylmercury-chloride-treated rats; and
3. A control group of rats treated with a 'water' placebo.
At the end of the experiment, as expected, the water-treated control group had no reported levels of mercury in their blood or organs.
The group treated with methylmercury chloride (which vaccine purveyors routinely "sound bite" as the harmful organic mercury as compared to the "safe" Thimerosal, ethylmercury), as expected, had both methylmercury and inorganic mercury in their blood and organs."
And goes on to conclude:
"In layman's terms, these studies, as brought to light by Dr. King, establish that ethylmercury (Thimerosal), a "supposedly harmless" compound of mercury according to the vaccine establishment, is converted in the rat and apparently in the human infant into "methylmercury" which, the establishment admits is a harmful form of mercury. It is then further reduced to the long-term most harmful, "inorganic mercury" that bioaccumulates in the tissues and organs.
Based on these findings, we can conclude that injecting the Thimerosal (ethylmercury), found in flu shots, into pregnant women (exposing the in utero fetus to mercury [see Table I on page 15 of Dr.King's posting http://dr
5) "There is no mercury in vaccines. It has all been phased out."
Oh, but it hasn't! In fact, it's still regularly added to the influenza vaccine, and is active in other vaccines, hidden under other titles.
The FDA themselves have gone on to say the following:
"While the use of mercury-containing preservatives has declined in recent years with the development of new products formulated with alternative or no preservatives, thimerosal has been used in some immune globulin preparations, anti-venins, skin test antigens, and ophthalmic and nasal products, in addition to certain vaccines," right on its "Thimerosal in Vaccines" page which can be found here:
6) "The mercury is vaccines is good for you, since it produces an immune response."
There are absolutely no studies that show that mercury, a toxic substance, is good for you. In fact, just the opposite is true. The study cited in the post above goes on to say:

"The antibacterial activity of thimerosal (sodium ethyl mercury thiosalicylate) is attributed to the ethyl mercury cation that dissociates from the thimerosal molecule. By 1999, expanding recommendations for infant vaccination meant that US children who received a complete series of vaccines that contained thimerosal potentially received up to 187.5 μg of ethyl mercury during the first 6 months of life.1-3 This cumulative exposure could exceed the US Environmental Protection Agency's recommended safe intake level, estimated in 1997 to be no more than 0.1 μg of mercury per kg of body weight per day.4 This observation led to a recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics that thimerosal be removed from all vaccines that are administered to infants in the United States."
Yet, it has not been removed. The EPA themselves acknowledge the toxic effects of mercury:

Vaccines cause encephalitis.
Vaccines cause seizures.
Vaccines cause immune system deficiencies.
Vaccines cause gastrointestinal problems.
Encephalitis causes mood swings.
Encephalitis causes extreme pain.
Encephalitis causes inattention  and impulsivity.
Encephalitis causes aggression.
Encephalitis causes balance problems and difficulty relating to one's environment.
Seizures cause mood swings.
Seizures cause inattention and impulsivity.
Seizures cause alterations in conciousness.
Immune system deficiencies cause children to have more frequent bacterial infections, such as ear infections, upper respiratory infections (URIs), sinusutis, and strep infections.
Immune system deficiencies cause childrn to have more frequent viral infections, such as stomatitis, "fevers of unknown origin," "viral rashes," hives, conjunctivitis, and gastrointestinal viruses that cause vomiting and diarrhea.
Immune system deficiencies cause children to be more vulnerable to "everything that's going around" and to have a tougher time getting over things than their peers.
Gastrointestinal damage from vaccines causes diarrhea.
Gastrointestinal damage from vaccines causes nausea, reflux, vomiting, and the recently discovered "disease" now known as GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease).  Gatrointestinal damage from vaccines causes increased vulnerability to viruses and bacteria, which leads to increased administration of antibiotics, which leads to overgrowth of pathogenic yeast.  Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to intestinal hyperpermeability ("leaky gut syndrome").
Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to constipation. Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to food allergies.  Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to skin eruptions, "drunken, silly behavior," inattention and impulsivity, and cravings for bread, sugar, ice cream, milk, and carbohydrates.  Technically, vaccines do not cause autism because techincally there is no such thing as AUTISM. 

Vaccines cause the underlying physical conditions that result in the pain, neurological damage, immune system disorders, gastrointestinal damage, and yeast overgrowth - all of which combine to produce the behavioral symptoms that result in the "autism" diagnosis.  Gastrointestinal damage is the most obvious result of vaccine damage. On this page I have listed on this page lots of links to show studies, peer reviews and doctors personal studies showing autism and vaccine link.

*86 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link
*Metals, Environmental Toxin & Autism 6 links

*Peer reviews and papers
Mito Action – Autism and Mitochondrial Disease

Vaccine Autoimmune Project for Research and Education

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes: Possible Role of Fenton Chemistry in the Oxidation and Breakage of mtDNA

Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccine in first month of life.

Aluminum-Induced Entropy in Biological Systems: Implications for Neurological Disease

Blood Levels of Mercury Are Related to Diagnosis of Autism

Metabolic biomarkers of increased oxidative stress and impaired methylation capacity in children with autism

Neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism

Serological association of measles virus and human herpesvirus-6 with brain autoantibodies in autism

Reduced levels of mercury in first baby haircuts of autistic children

Evidence of toxicity, oxidative stress, and neuronal insult in autism

A case series of children with apparent mercury toxic encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.

Heavy-Metal Toxicity—With Emphasis on Mercury

Epidemiology of autism spectrum disorder in Portugal:

Thimerosal exposure in infants and neurodevelopmental disorders: an assessment of computerized medical records in the Vaccine Safety Datalink

Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disability in US children aged 1–9 years

Induction of metallothionein in mouse cerebellum and cerebrum with low-dose thimerosal injection

Mercury induces inflammatory mediator releasefrom human mast cells

Urinary porphyrin excretion in neurotypical and autistic children

Vaccines and Autism

Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes—A review

Ancestry of pink disease (infantile acrodynia) identified as a risk factor for autism spectrum disorders

MMR vaccination and febrile seizures: evaluation of susceptible subgroups and long-term prognosis

Adverse Events following 12 and 18 Month Vaccinations: a Population-Based, Self-Controlled Case Series Analysis

Administration of Thimerosal to Infant Rats Increases Overflow of Glutamate and Aspartate in the Prefrontal Cortex: Protective Role of Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate

Environmental mercury release, special education rates, and autism disorder: an ecological study of Texas.

Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure

Aluminum-Induced Entropy in Biological Systems: Implications for Neurological Disease

Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism

Infection, vaccines and other environmental triggers of autoimmunity

Unanswered Questions
A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury

Thimerosal and autism? A plausible hypothesis that should not be dismissed.

Detection and sequencing of measles virus from peripheral mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and autism.

The spectrum of ASIA: ‘Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome induced by Adjuvants’

Aluminum in the central nervous system (CNS): toxicity in humans and animals, vaccine adjuvants, and autoimmunity

Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002.

Vaccines and Brain Inflammation

Impact of enviromental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979

A positive association found between autism prevalence and childhood vaccination uptake across the U.S. population.

Neonatal administration of a vaccine preservative, thimerosal, produces lasting impairment of nociception and apparent activation of opioid system in rats.

Lasting neuropathological changes in rat brain after intermittent neonatal administration of thimerosal,20,15811,1,1.html

Persistent behavioral impairments and alterations of brain dopamine system after early postnatal administration of thimerosal in rats.

B-lymphocytes from a population of children with autism spectrum disorder and their unaffected siblings exhibit hypersensitivity to thimerosal.

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes: Possible Role of Fenton Chemistry in the Oxidation and Breakage of mtDNA

Thioredoxin: A novel, independent diagnosis marker in children with autism

Inhibition of the human thioredoxin system. A molecular mechanism of mercury toxicity.

Effects of selenite and chelating agents on mammalian thioredoxin reductase inhibited by mercury: implications for treatment of mercury poisoning.

Porphyrinuria in childhood autistic disorder: Implications for environmental toxicity

Activation of methionine synthase by insulin-like growth factor-1 and dopamine: a target for neurodevelopmental toxins and thimerosal.

Vaccine, Neurological disorders study

Interview with Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck Pharmaceutical’s Chief developer of Vaccines for over 45 years.

Measles RNA in spinal fluid of children with regressive autism

Detection and sequencing of measles virus from peripheral mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and autism.

Medline Plus- Government Website Explains Encephalitis

MMR Vaccine as a cause of encephalitis

The Merck Manual on Encephalitis (one of the side effects of vaccines written by the maker of the vaccines)

Merck Medical Textbook of a Vaccine Adverse Reaction Brain Infection

Vaccine Induced Enchephalitis  

Vaccine Adjutants and Autism (Thimerosal, Mercury and Aluminum)
Changes in Vaccines Making them more Damaging (sources at bottom of article)
Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior scientist at MIT 

Aluminum and Autism

Data linking aluminum, acetomenophen and autism   
full study here

Aluminum and neurological symptoms   

Aluminum vaccine adjuvants- are they safe?

Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure

Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration

Thimerosal Timeline and Autism

Trace Amounts of Thimerosal in vaccines

Symptom Comparison of Mercury Poisoning and Autism

Effect of mercury on developing fetus study
Is there a safe amount?  Flu shots given to pregnant women contain extremely dangerous high levels of mercury

Thimerosal autism connection

A Case Series of Children with Apparent Mercury Toxic Encephalopathies Manifesting with Clinical Symptoms of Regressive Autistic Disorders
Journal of Toxicology and Environmentsl Health

Children with mercury toxic enchephalopathies and regressive autism

A Dose-Response Relationship between Organic Mercury Exposure from Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe (a study by the CDC)
Mercury in vaccines exceeded safety guidelines and is still in several vaccines as an ingredient   

Monkey study 1990s connecting thimerosal with damage to brain structure and function  

 Mercury and autism- accelerating evidence     

Administration of thimerosal to infant rats increases overflow of glutamate and aspartate in the prefrontal cortex   

Rats studied with amounts consistent with infant vaccines developed neurodevelopmental disorders.

MMR as a potential cause of encephalitis brain inflammation in children

Autism Symptoms are Identical to Encephalomyopthy listed on vaccine package inserts

Thimerosal and adverse events

Heavy Metals in Hair Samples from Severely Autistic Children

Toxicity of Thimerosal 

Regressive Autism and Heavy Metals

Genetic heritability and shared environmental factors among twin pairs with Autism

Causal link between MMR and autism
An inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism   

MMR and Autism-  article in Journal of Biomedical Science

Conjugate Vaccines may predispose children to autism disorders    

A Positive Association found between Autism Prevalence and Childhood Vaccination 

 Biological Evidence of Significant Vaccine Related Side-effects Resulting in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Dr. Jeff Bradstreet MD FAAFP Director of Clinical Programs, ICDRC Visiting Professor of Pediatrics, SCNM Adjunct Professor of Neurosciences, Stetson        

Research-Papers-Supporting-the-Vaccine-Autism-Link A positive association found between autism prevalence and childhood vaccination uptake across the U.S.   

Causal relationship between vaccine induced immunity and autism

Autism and mercury poisoning

Hypothesis: conjugate vaccines may predispose children to autism spectrum disorders

Rise in autism coincides with rise in vaccines

Subtle DNA changes and the overuse of vaccines in autism

Vaccine and Autism- a New Scientific Review  
summary of previous Journal of Immunology

Autism and Resulting Medical Conditions: 

Mercury toxic encephalopathy  manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.
Relation of mercury to high autism rates in boys

Elevated levels of measles in children with Autism

Abnormal MMR antibodies in children with autism

Detection of Measles Virus Genomic RNA in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children with Regressive Autism

3 fold increase in autism in boys injected as neonates
(greater risk in non white children)

Hepatitis vaccination male neonates and Autism diagnosis 1997- 2002

Fraud and Deception and the Whistleblower

Congressman Bill Posey in possession of 100,000+ documents

Whistleblower at CDC goes public

Manipulation of Studies has flawed Data on vaccines and autism

Merck’s Director says MMR causes autism

The Hooker info gotten by the freedom of info act.        

Brian Hooker refutes studies on autism by the pharmaceutical companies

Correspondence between HRSA and Sharyl Atkinson reporter
(US Health Resources Administration)

Studies data on autism and African American boys
Look at the conclusion

Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD, FACHM
Speaks on the American Academy of Pediatrics and fraud


Dr Russel Blaylock videos on vaccines and cancer

Aluminum Autism Connection
Dr Chris Shaw Neuroscientist At University of British Columbia
 Profile of Dr Chris Shaw

Theresa Deisher, Ph.D. (President, Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute , CEO andManaging Member, AVM Biotechnology). Dr. Deisher, an expert in the field of adult stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine, brings 18 years of experience in scientific and corporate leadership positions involving research, discovery, production and commercialization of human therapeutics. Dr. Deisher’s penchant for ground breaking scientific discovery and her distinguished scientific research has resulted in 23 patents issued in her name. She has published numerous scientific manuscripts and is a frequent invited lecturer and guest speaker in the area of stem cell technology and regenerative medicine. Throughout her career, Dr. Deisher has been recruited by some of the country’s top biotechnology companies, including Genentech, Repligen, ZymoGenetics, Immunex and Amgen. She has managed and mentored undergraduate honors students, post-doctoral fellows, scientific executives and over 20 research assistants/scientists at all levels of responsibility.Dr. Deisher graduated with honors and distinction from Stanford University, and obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University.

Dr Theresa Deisher on  Worldwide Autism Epidemic & Human Fetal Manufactured
Contaminated Vaccines

Dr Theresa Deisher Series with 4 Parts on Autism     part 1    

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the potential connection between vaccines and autism
Senior scientist at MIT           

The history of thimerosal and autism. Excellent

Vaccine Overload and Autism Link

Children receive 80 vaccinations throughout childhood- autism linked to vaccine overload

Study on Vaccine Induced Immune Overload  in Molecular and Genetic Medicine Journal
Review of Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Resulting Epidemics of Type 1 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Emphasis on Explaining the Recent Accelerations in the Risk of Pre diabetes and other Immune Mediated Diseases        
J. Barthelow  Classen MD*

Subtle DNA changes and the overuse of vaccines in autism

Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure                             

Fetal DNA and Autism
Autism And Cancer Related To Human Fetal DNA In Vaccines                                                     Journal of Public Health                                 

Vaccine and GMO converge to fuel Autism

Peer reviewed study on fetal cell contamination with retro virus associated with autism and cancer
Study documentation- Dr Deisher

Data linking aluminum, acetomenophen and autism   
full study here 

Autism Cancer and Human DNA  References in body of article  

Subtle DNA changes and the overuse of vaccines in autism

Connection between brain damage and human DNA  documentation at bottom

Fetal cells that are tumorgenic can contaminate healthy cell DNA

New Study in Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology Correlates Autism Disorder Increase and Human Fetal DNA, Retroviral Agents in Vaccines   

Gut Issues in Autistic Children

Analysis of the Use of Antibiotics on Gut Flora

MMR and gut issues

A blog with a huge number of studies

Parents with autistic kids do lots of research

If Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, What do they Cause?

Vaccines Induce Autistic Disorders
Numerous credible, medical journals over the past decade or so have found significant correlations between certain vaccines and autism.

“Using regression analysis and controlling for family income and ethnicity, the relationship between the proportion of children who received the recommended vaccines by age 2 years and the prevalence of autism (AUT) or speech or language impairment (SLI) in each U.S. state from 2001 and 2007 was determined. A positive and statistically significant relationship was found: The higher the proportion of children receiving recommended vaccinations, the higher was the prevalence of AUT or SLI.” – Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2011

“Further, linear regression revealed that Varicella (chickenpox) and Hepatitis A immunization coverage was significantly correlated to autistic disorder cases…Autistic disorder change points years are coincident with introduction of vaccines manufactured using human fetal cell lines, containing fetal and retroviral contaminants, into childhood vaccine regimens.” – Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 2014

“Implicated vaccines: MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis A using data from the U.S. government, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Western Australia, researchers found a spike in autism around the world after vaccines using animal cells were replaced by vaccines using aborted fetal cells.” – Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 2014

“Thus autistic children have a hyper-immune response to measles virus, which in the absence of a wild-type measles infection might be a sign of an abnormal immune reaction to the vaccine strain or virus reactivation.” – Pediatric Neurology, 2003

“Measles might be etiologically linked to autism because measles and MMR antibodies (a viral marker) correlated positively to brain autoantibodies (an autoimmune marker)—salient features that characterize autoimmune pathology in autism.” – Journal of Child Neurology, 2009

“Although the committee has concluded that the evidence favors rejection of the causal relationship at the population level between MMR vaccine and autistic spectrum disorders, the committee nevertheless recommends that this issue receive continued attention. It does so in recognition that its conclusion does not exclude the possibility that MMR vaccine could contribute to ASD in a small number of children.” – Institute of Medicine (US) Immunization Safety Review Committee, 2001

“Thus the MMR antibody in autistic sera detected measles HA protein, which is unique to the measles subunit of the vaccine. Furthermore, over 90% of MMR antibody-positive autistic sera were also positive for MBP (myelin basic protein) autoantibodies, suggesting a strong association between MMR and CNS (central nervous system) autoimmunity in autism. Stemming from this evidence, we suggest that an inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism.” – Journal of Biomedical Science, 2002

Studies and Science Show the Statistical Relationship
“The number of dose relationships is linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.” – Dr. Weil from Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc, 2003

“From a cellular perspective, it would appear that the existing scientific literature supports the biological plausibility of a Hg-based (mercury) autism pathogenesis…Nevertheless, research studies identifying Hg’s effects on glial cells and mitochondria that are consistent with findings in autistic patients, lend further support to the Hg-autism hypothesis.” – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2011

 “In phase I, it was observed that there was a significantly increased risk ratio for the incidence of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) reported following the Thimerosal-containing DTaP vaccine in comparison to the Thimerosal-free DTaP vaccine. In phase II, it was observed that cases diagnosed with an ASD were significantly more likely than controls to receive increased organic-Hg from Thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine administered within the first, second, and sixth month of life.” – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2013

“There was a significant dose-response relationship between the severity of the regressive ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorder) observed and the total mercury dose children received from Thimerosal-containing vaccines/Rho (D)-immune globulin preparations. Based upon differential diagnoses, 8 of 9 patients examined were exposed to significant mercury from Thimerosal-containing biologic/vaccine preparations during their fetal/infant developmental periods, and subsequently, between 12 and 24 mo of age, these previously normally developing children suffered mercury toxic encephalopathies that manifested with clinical symptoms consistent with regressive ASDs.” –  Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2007

Lawsuits and Compensation in the Vaccine Courts

US govt compensates children for autism caused by vaccines

Autism Law and Advocacy and the Vaers Court
A review of brain injury cases

 A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury

Here is a list of studies from around the world that support Dr. Wakefield’s research
The following peer-reviewed papers support the findings of the original work by Wakefield and colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital in the UK:
1) Furlano R, Anthony A, Day R, Brown A, Mc Garvey L, Thomson M, et al. Colonic CD8 and T cell filtration with epithelial damage in children with autism. J Pediatr 2001;138:366-72.
 2) Torrente F., Machado N., Perez-Machado M., Furlano R., Thomson M., Davies S., Wakefield AJ, Walker-Smith JA, Murch SH. Enteropathy with T cell infiltration and epithelial IgG deposition in autism. Molecular Psychiatry. 2002;7:375-382.
 3) Ashwood P, Murch SH, Anthony A, Hayes C, Machado MP, Torrente F, Thomson MA, Heuschkel R, Wakefield AJ., Mucosal and peripheral blood lymphocyte cytokine profiles in children with regressive autism and gastrointestinal symptoms: Mucosal immune activation and reduced counter regulatory interleukin-10. Gastroenterol. 2002;122 (Suppl):A617
4) Ashwood P, Anthony A, Torrente F, Wakefield AJ. Spontaneous mucosal lymphocyte cytokine profiles in children with autism and gastrointestinal symptoms: mucosal immune activation and reduced counter regulatory interleukin-10. J Clin Immunol. 2004;24(6):664-73.
5) Wakefield AJ., Puleston J. Montgomery SM., Anthony A., O’Leary J.J., Murch SH Entero-colonic encephalopathy, autism and opioid receptor ligands. Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2002;16:663-674
6) Wakefield AJ. The Gut-Brain Axis in Childhood developmental Disorders. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 2002;34:S14-S17
7) Uhlmann V, Martin CM, Sheils O, Pilkington L, Silva I, Killalea A, Murch SH, Wakefield AJ, O’Leary JJ., Potential viral pathogenic mechanism for new variant inflammatory bowel disease. Molecular Pathology 2002;55:84-90
 8) Ashwood P, Anthony A, Pellicer AA, Torrente F, Wakefield AJ. Intestinal lymphocyte populations in children with regressive autism: evidence for extensive mucosal immunopathology. Journal of Clinical Immunology, 2003;23:504-517.
9) Torrente F, Anthony A, Heuschkel RB, Thomson MA, Ashwood P, Murch SH. Focal-enhanced gastritis in regressive autism with features distinct from Crohn's and Helicobacter pylori gastritis. Am J Gastroenterol. 2004;99:598-605
10) Ashwood P, Wakefield AJ. Immune activation of peripheral blood and mucosal CD3+ lymphocyte cytokine profiles in children with autism and gastrointestinal symptoms. J Neuroimmunol. 2006;173(1-2):126-34.
11) Wakefield AJ, Ashwood P, Limb K, Anthony A. The significance of ileo-colonic lymphoid nodular hyperplasia in children with autistic spectrum disorder. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2005 Aug;17(8):827-36.
The following two peer-reviewed papers from the Royal Free Hospital in the UK were withdrawn for political reasons, but the science remains valid and relevant
1) Wakefield AJ, Murch SM, Anthony A et al., Ileal- lymphoid- nodular Hyperplasia, Non- specific Colitis, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder in Children, The Lancet, 1998, 351(9103): 637– 41.
2) Wakefield AJ, Anthony A, Murch SH, Thomson M, Montgomery SM, Davies S, Walker-Smith JA. Enterocolitis in children with developmental disorder. American Journal of Gastroenterology 2000;95:2285-2295.
The following peer-reviewed papers duplicate Dr. Wakefield’s original findings in five additional countries, including the US, Italy, Venezuela, Canada and Poland:
 1) Gonzalez, L. et al., Endoscopic and Histological Characteristics of the Digestive Mucosa in Autistic Children with gastro-Intestinal Symptoms. Arch Venez Pueric Pediatr, 2005;69:19-25.
 2) Balzola, F., et al., Panenteric IBD-like disease in a patient with regressive autism shown for the first time by wireless capsule enteroscopy: Another piece in the jig-saw of the gut-brain syndrome? American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2005. 100(4): p. 979- 981.
 3) Balzola F et al . Autistic enterocolitis: confirmation of a new inflammatory bowel disease in an Italian cohort of patients. Gastroenterology 2005;128(Suppl. 2);A-303.
4) Krigsman A, Boris M, Goldblatt A, Stott C. Clinical Presentation and Histologic Findings at Ileocolonoscopy in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Gastrointestinal Symptoms. Autism Insights. 2009;1:1–11.
5) Horvath K., Papadimitriou J.C., Rabsztyn A., Drachenberg C., Tildon J.T. 1999. Gastrointestinal abnormalities in children with autism. J. Pediatrics 135: 559-563.
6) Sabra S, Bellanti JA, Colon AR. Ileal lymphoid hyperplasia, non-specific colitis and pervasive developmental disorder in children. The Lancet 1998;352:234-5.
7) Sabra A, Hartman D, Zeligs BJ et al., Linkage of ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia (ILNH), food allergy and CNS developmental abnormalities: evidence for a non-IgE association, Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol, 1999;82:8
8) Galiatsatos P, Gologan A, Lamoureux E, Autistic enterocolitis: Fact or fiction? Can J Gastroenterol. 2009:23:95-98
9) Jarocka-Cyrta et al. Brief report: eosinophilic esophagitis as a cause of feeding problems in an autistic boy. The first reported case.J. Aut. Dev. Disord. Online July 10, 2010
The following articles support the importance of recognizing and treating gastrointestinal symptoms in autistic children:
 1)    Buie T, et al. Pediatrics. 2010 Jan;125 Suppl 1:S19-29.  Recommendations for evaluation and treatment of common gastrointestinal problems in children with ASDs.
 2)    Buie T, et al.  Pediatrics.  2010 Jan;125 Suppl 1:S1-18.  Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in individuals with ASDs: a consensus report. 
"Autism may be a disorder linked to the disruption of the G-alpha protein, affecting retinoid receptors in the brain. A study of sixty autistic children suggests that autism may be caused by inserting a G-alpha protein defect, the pertussis toxin found in the D.P.T. vaccine, into genetically at-risk children." Mary N. Megson, M.D.

The following peer-reviewed papers provide further support for gastrointestinal disturbances involving the immune system in autism. 
1) Jyonouchi H., Sun S., Lee H. 2001. Proinflammatory and regulatory cytokine production associated with innate and adaptive immune responses in children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental regression. J. Neuroimmunol. 120(1-2):170-9
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