There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic

Is Autism genetic-
There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic.

No one has been able to identify one single "autism gene." And there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic -- so no way to explain today's autism explosion as a function of genetics.  
How can something that was considered a relatively obscure condition 40 years ago suddenly rise to epidemic proportions, while the rates of other developmental disabilities, such as Downs Syndrome and mental retardation, have remained relatively stable? The answer is simple. It can’t. It is scientifically impossible to have an epidemic of a developmental or genetic disorder.

Robert Nash, M.D., is a practicing neurologist and the Chairman of the American Board of Metal Toxicology. he suggested that there appears to be a subset of the population that cannot effectively excrete mercury and is at greater risk than the general population. This susceptibility is likely due to genetic differences, diet, exposure to other toxicants, antibiotic use, etc.

Autism Gene
 15 out of 6,176 autistic kids with the gene Does Not Make It The Gene that Causes Autism.
-"We finally got a clear cut case of an autism specific gene," said Raphael Bernier, the lead author, and UW associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the clinical director of the Autism Center at Seattle Children's.
Bernier said people with a mutation in the CHD8 gene have a very "strong likelihood" that they will have autism marked by gastrointestinal disorders, a larger head and wide set eyes.
In their study of 6,176 children with autism spectrum disorder, researchers found 15 had a CHD8 mutation and all these cases had similar characteristics in appearance and issues with sleep disturbance and gastrointestinal problems.

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