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Free Will vs G-d knows our future

If we have free will then how can G-d know our future?  If G-d knows what will happen then we have no free will and we are just following a planned path.
Well, I don't think so.
I have never been one to say "It was meant to be", " It was suppose to happen", or "it happened for a reason"  I believe G-d is there for us with every decision we make but he doesn't make things happen to us so we follow his set plan for us.  If he did then wouldn't he make everyone the same religion and no one would be a non believer.  It would be like his was playing Barbies.  He would make us do everything we do everyday.  No he gave us free will.  It says so in the first few sentences after he made Adam.
I believe that we are free to make our own choices.  But I believe G-d knows all possible futures for us.  If we choose to date a boy , G-d can see the future we will have with him.  When we end that relationship and begin another G-d can see the new future that we are creating by changing our choices.  I believe he helps and guides but sometimes we are too full of ourselves to feel this warnings or guiding hands upon us.  G-d doesn't make bad things happen to make you do things or to make you hear him.  Bad things happen due to people's choices.  It can be very random.
We are very small and do not know or understand G-d.  His plan is for us to get the most out of life and enjoy what he has give to us.  He wants us to show our obedience to him and keep our covenant with him.  But he probably does have a hand in things happening.  He may cause us losing our job.  He may have a better one picked out for us but it is no guarantee that when we lose our job that we will follow the path G-d wants us to take to find the new job.  We have free will and may just choose a different path.  But I believe if we lose our job it is because G-d wants us to have a different one but because our boss made choices that affected our lives.  Or maybe we made choices that made us lose our job.  Either way G-d wants the best for us and will try to guide us to a better plan. When we choose a path, G-d is there.  Watching us, guiding us and loving us. From the Talmud teachings I have learned there are things we have no control over in this world.  They are- 
The circumstance into which you were born.
How smart you will be.
When you will die.
True you can't pick your parents and you may have free will but you can't change how smart you are.  No matter how hard someone works they may never be a rocket science.
Now death you can't control but you can speed it up by neglect or carelessness. You can't do something neglectful then say it is all in G-d hands.  One who fails to protect himself or child from the ravages of nature cannot accuse G-d for not making a miracle.   Do not believe that your death is preset so you do dangerous things in the belief that if G-d wants you to live
 you will live and if it is your time to go you will die.  It may not be your time to go but if you do careless things you will speed that time up.  Remember "Do not try the Lord your G-d"
As proof of G-d knowing the future and leaving us to our free will is in the Talmud - the oral Torah.  Jacob ask G-d not to let his brother succeed in his plan.  He will be 300 tribes in Germany of Edom.  This was written 2000 years ago before Germany had a name.  Germany was made up of 300 tribes that became German republic than Germany.  

G-d know everything that will happen.  He knew of Germany ahead of time but he would not stop it because he said he would not judge a person by what the may do in the future but   by what he does now.  The will of the people can change. So G-d lets us make the choices on own on but hopes we chose a different outcome.  We all have the good and the evil instinct inside of us.  It is up to us to listen and pick the right one. G-d hoped the people of Germany would pick a better out come. 


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