Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hanukkah- wood letters

I wanted a large Hanukkah sign for my fireplace. 
Hanukkah stuff is not really sold at stores so everything is DIY with a little help from some Etsy or Ebay sellers. There are a few places online to buy stuff .

First I purchased the letters from an Ebay seller.  Unpainted 8 inch wooden letter in storybrook font

Then I spray painted them royal blue.  Next I used Martha Stewart Glitter finish paint in Aquarium Blue.I wanted a bit of shimmer to them.  But after 4 coats of this stuff you can't see much shimmer at all. 

Can you see the shimmer?

Now I used a leftover piece of picture molding and used liquid nails to glue them n the large edge.
I wanted to have the letters stand up and this molding will do that for me.

 Finally all done!


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