G-d resides in the I inside of us

Cool thing I read today.  It answers the question of why we feel G-d more when we are at such a low point but don't feel it as much any other time.  Does G-d begin us down that low to hear him.  Well no we can't hear G-d because the place where G-d lives inside of us is in the "I" .  The part of us that is filled up with our selves, the I (myself, my needs, my wants) is the space where G-d can reside. .Only when I am not full of myself, when I empty myself of ego and materialism, can I truly experience God’s presence.
I felt that was a cool way to explain this.  It came from when Jacob awoke from sleeping.
A quote from the teaching
 Yet it’s entirely possible that by taking even a moment to appreciate our surroundings, to recognize our own potential, we might be able to bring holiness and wholeness to our broken world. In doing so, we might be amazed to find that G-d or perhaps something G-dly is right there by our sides, or within each of us.

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