Opening up the Stairwell

This was are stairwell area when we moved in a few 
years ago.I really wanted to the stairs to not be so hidden
 in a corner so we cut down the wall until we got to
 the baseboard on the stair side of the wall.

After the wall was cut down we put these 6 inch wide board
 going down the wall and along the cut drywall.
The bottom board was the board that was used at the top
of the half wall originally.  We just moved it down
to the new lower top of the half wall.  

We can't do drywall repair so the plan is to put 
trim down the wall under the boards
 so the cut drywall can't be seen.

We cut the trim to fit, caulked and painted.  We 
added trim to the side in the stair well also



We already had the wood and trim left over
 from other projects  so the project was free.

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